Yesterday, I went into the basement to get the laundry basket for laundry and discovered a flood in the basement. Rich’s brother came over and was able to determine the problem is with the water heater. We called a plumber – turned out to be a defective part. Fortunately the water heater was still under warranty so I made arrangements to return it today, and pick up a new one. On the bright side, the plumber noted some major problems (like need to redo plumbing in the whole hose) that he felt were not worth fixing – unless I was going to stay in the house (which I’m not).

Well some friends of the family (Luke and Jeff) came over today, well-prepared to do the job. Only I couldn’t get in the truck, it was too high! I had to go get a step stool and cane. Step on the stool, climb into the truck and use the cane to grab the stool and bring it into the truck. We all had a good laugh thinking about how Rich would have laughed at me! What a hoot!

We got to the store, traded in the water heater, no problem. Strapped it securely in the back of the truck (and I saw it strapped quite securely). We began driving back to my house. The truck drove over a bump in the road (no sign warning of bumps in road), the strap snapped, and the water heater literally popped out of the box, and box flew out falling. We still haven’t found the strap… Water heater was still in one piece (on the outside at least). Well, we were all kind of stunned. L and J got out and got the water heater back in the truck, while I thought to myself, “I have some extra, we’ll just buy another one… small enough for just me in the house…”

But , L thought it was worth taking back to his work shed to see if he could fix it.  I was just thankful no one was hurt! Fix it? I had heard that water heaters are “delicate” that is: D E L I C A T E! But I figured he could try… and kept telling him not to worry… stuff happens, it was not his fault, and I could always get another one….

Well, about 30 minutes later L and J returned, installed the water heater, filled it with water, and we waited… and in a very few minutes, less than 30, the water was already warm. Two hours later I could wash the dishes and take a shower. Now YOU explain to me how a water heater could go flying out of a moving truck, land on the road, and after replacing a small socket on top… be still fully functional? I have a feeling a lot of angels worked overtime on that one!