Well, it may be only a one-month contract to start – but it is so nice to be working in-house for a large company again. After a close-to 10 month hiatus working at home, and working via the Internet for small companies with only my family and cat as daily consultants, albeit, with the fantastic input of people via techwr-l, I’m back in an office environment working with people who WANT my help.

I’m doing process mapping for an HR group, taking so-called “tribal knowledge” and getting it into flow-charts, processes and repeatable procedures. I haven’t had this much fun at work in I don’t know how long. I thank God for providing this work for us right now.

Not only is it meeting our financial needs, but it is helping me to learn a lot about things that impact the workplace in the US that I was totally unaware of. After 25 years living and working overseas (I thought for the rest of my life), there is so much I have not known.

I’m learning about FMLA, ADA, short-term disability, long-term disability, business decisions benefits, and (GAG) the inefficieny and paper-work generated by government involvement, making what SHOULD be a very simple process into a terribly complicated one.

So why is it fun? Yesterday, I sat down with my upline and showed her the flow-charts that will be the foundation of their internal process. She was stunned. Even though there were a lot of charts for all aspects of the process, what she was amazed at was “how quickly” I’d been able to take a hereto complex process and help them put it together in a fairly simple and clear way… and uncovered some gaps in their process that they knew were there but weren’t quite sure how to approach.

The best part, this is a company that genuinely wants to help their employees. They are excited about me putting together a simplified document for their 3000 employees that will help them work through the process in a positive way as well. They even have a big bucket of free high-quality vitamins they provide their employees daily, bottled water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate… a really nice atmosphere to work in. Despite cubicle spaces, the buildings have a lot of windows NOT taken up by offices, so you can even see trees outside and get plenty of light… ergonomic and comfortable chairs…

Now that they see what is going on in reality, they are excited about potential improvements toward simplification. These are jobs that make it all worth while…

For now, it is only a temporary position, but my foot is in the door, and I’m gaining valuable experience that can help me move forward in this neck of the woods.

I am so thankful! Thank you Lord!