Today I was talking with a colleague about how stressed I’ve been feeling. With all I need to do personally, and trying to fit it all into my work schedule. I loved her response:

“I know what you mean. Work clashes with my life. This is an issue that I can’t quite resolve.”

I cracked up laughing. But I sure do feel like that at times. I suppose the opposite could be said as well: “Life clashes with my work…” Everything has certainly been clashing with keeping you updated on what is happening. I’ve successfully moved and am enjoying my new apartment more and more each day. The little frustrations of life, like a new toaster that burned out the electric and required resetting my internet connection, make for a good laugh later on. More important are the blessings. Friends who have helped, my god-son who helped me put some furniture together yesterday, others who encourage me, and wonderful, merciful savior without whom I could not have made it through–anything! And Israel too is being blessed with rain, much-needed rain to replenish our reservoirs. It has also been the coldest winter in 20 years, but who is complaining? We have rain!

I was also very excited to get a surprising e-mail last week. I entered a Help project I developed for Accordance Bible Software in a Society for Technical Communication chapter competition. I was stunned to received the highest possible award, “Distinguished Technical Communication,” making my entry a candidate in the International competition to be held in May 2012. WOW! God is good. I not only got some good tips on how to improve the Help, but was given something strong to add to my resume.

I am so blessed. It is easy to complain. I suppose there are things to complain about. But at the end of the day, which is more important, the electric crashing toaster, or the God of the universe who is taking such good care of me? I’ll give you a clue: I am NOT voting for the toaster!

I hope to find time to share later on with some of the very special things the Lord has ministered to me since I moved into my the apartment. Obviously, it was with quite mixed feelings. Memories of my previous apartment in Nesher, memories of Rich and the kids, our home, all the things that have brought me where I am now. And yet HIS good hand has clearly been guiding, comforting, and blessing.

Whatever your situation today, I hope that you too can filter through the good and the bad, and find that God’s blessing is in all of it! May our sacrifices of praise become free will offerings of praise.