The days have been going so fast, and have been so long, I don’t know where the time goes. The moving sale is over and the shippers come to pick up what I want to keep tomorrow. Today I have errands that will take me out past the cemetery, and plan to visit Rich’s grave. And realized that 1 year ago today, Rich had his stroke.

This moving sale has been emotionally charged for me. Filled with memories. I cannot keep everything, and have parted with not a few things from my life together with Rich. And of course everyone was asking me, “Where are you moving and why?” And you know the answer to that.

But many answers to prayer as well. The moving sale did go well. My daughter-in-law Kristina arranged for us to have everything under a tent. That was a real blessing as my sale was during a Michigan heat wave. On one day is rained most of the day, but people kept coming: obviously the tent helped.

There were the people who always drive you knows, arriving in fancy new cars and wanting you to drop the price of a good item just for the sake of  dropping the price. But there were a lot more people whom it was a pleasure to talk with, and to know they will be enjoying and appreciating the things I no longer need or want to take with me.

Yesterday we cleaned up and donated the left over items. Am having good visits with my family, and Guay cat even deigned to come out and sit in my lap for a few minutes yesterday (he is being cared for by Lloyd and Kristina). And the days past like a whirlwind, a mix of thanksgiving, questions, tears, and praise.

And so with the Psalmist, “I will sing of lovingkindness and justice to YOU, O Lord, I will sing praises.” (Ps 101:1)