I think I have lots of things to say, just very little time to say them. We had Christmas Eve service at the Chinese Church, as usual. Some 50 people or so came, more non-believers than usual. We pray it was a blessing to them. The emphasis this year? Who is this “son” that has been given to us? What kind of name is “Everlasting Father” for a baby… and then looking at a different son – the one who ran away from home, and when he returned, found his father running to him. We then talked about how Christmas is really about God running to man through Jesus, to save us from ourselves and our sin….  For many, it was their first exposure to the gospel, for others, it was not the first time, but it was a different way to hear about it. I hope there will be fruit from that day.

Now I’m finishing up some tasks at work, going home to pack and off for two weeks of much needed vacation, beginning with a friend in Vancouver and finishing up with friends in Toronto. I’ll try to write from time to time while I’m away… but no promises as I’m not sure the kind of computer access I’ll have.

May you all have a blessed 2007, learning to trust our blessed Lord more and more, and ONLY Him!

In His Grace,