Wow, two months since I’ve written. I have to admit I’ve THOUGHT about it a lot… but not really gotten anywhere.

The past couple of months have been refining ones, teaching me to trust in God’s goodness, even if I don’t see it. Truthfully, I have to admit to wasting more time than I’d have liked to. You can only spend so much time looking for work and applying for job after job, wondering where the next contract will come from.

With Rich running for congress, I’ve also been made far more aware of the issues facing America than I would have realized had I stayed single in Israel, or if Rich was politically uninvolved. Seems to me that America, like many other nations, has critical decisions that will determine its future. I am not optimistic. I’ve read the end of the Book… our hope is not in the nations of this world, but in my real home of which I am true citizen…

But that does not mean we can be uninvolved. I am proud of my husband that he cares and wants to do something to say “No, our country does not have to go this route.” Will people listen? I don’t know. But we can pray for a spirit of repentance to fall on our nation, and all the nations, and that God would grant yet more time to people to repent.

These are hope-challenging times. The newspaper this week had an article about how more people than ever did not pay income tax this year. Their analysis was that something is wrong with the tax code, and all people need to pay something. Rich and I were thinking, yes, but that is not the total picture. It is a reflection of how many people are out of work and losing their homes. As the saying goes, you cannot bleed a turnip!

I suppose, it is this climate that has weighed so heavily on me. Yet God has provided. We have not missed a payment on our mortgage, though their were weeks I wondered if this would be the month when we do… Every time, a small contract here, another small job there… and it does add up.

Now God has graciously provided me with three major contracts, all with different time lines, so I can use them to fill in gaps around each other. In addition, I’m hopefully getting a bit of publicity through writing for a local on-line newspaper about different issues related to technical communication. You can take a look if you’d like. Please forward the link to whomever you think would be interested…

Finally, something else that is a real blessing, I was granted free registration (close to $1000 value) to the Society for Technical Communication annual conference. A friend who is attending has advised I can share her room and only pay the difference (if any), and I was able to get an amazingly low cost ticket. So I am flying to Dallas on May 2 to 5 to attend the conference. Something that will definately contribute to my skills and knowledge and help me keep up to date in my career.

So I guess that is all the news for now…. there have been many other answers to prayer. The challenge? To keep my eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith. Amen and Amen.