I promise to post, and then get so caught up with things that I forget to! So where do I begin?

I arrived in Michigan with snow flurries a week ago last Saturday. I was blessed to find out that the kids had planned to celebrate my s-daughter’s 21st birthday that Sunday. We had a great time. I sorely missed Rich (DUH!), but it was so good to be with everyone. Seems that Guay cat has adjusted to his new surroundings. He heard my voice and braved joining us for a bit… and was quite the talker most of the afternoon. So of course, I had to hold him while we took a family picture. It was SO good to see the kids, and Rich’s brothers again.

This week I’ve been focusing on getting caught up with paper-work and trying to eventually get some work done. Paper-work? Had to get a paper notarized and signed as an Apostille (get a dictionary) for Israel. In addition, I had paid for my car registration and never gotten new tags (though after several phone calls, I was assured they’d been mailed to me-twice). So I went to a Grand Rapids Secretary of State SuperCenter. Got the Apostile ($1 and immediate as opposed to over $50 and 2 weeks in Colorado – go figure?!). Re my car registration? The clerk said she thought whoever talked to me at the main office in Lansing was playing games with me. She reissued the registration and gave me new stickers on the spot – no additional charge. I was thankful, since the Apostille cost $50 to mail to Israel (guaranteed delivery by last Friday). However, the papers only arrived in Israel today (Sunday) an hour or so ago… ARGH! Now I understand why my letters that they guarantee 10 days delivery take 3 weeks to get there…

So then I could finally get back to my contract work. To my dismay my laptop started doing freaky things. Long story short, someone in my Michigan congregation was kind enough to take a look at it. Took an entire evening and an early morning for him to discover that it was a very sneaky virus that somehow gets into the root files and operating system. He was able to find it, remove it, and get my computer working back to normal.


In between, the State of Michigan has had ONE whole SUNNY day since I got back. They say the temp will be in the 50s next week. I’m not holding my breath.

I’m staying with a friend named Sue until I fly for Israel in two weeks. It has been a really fun time so far. And funny. Every time she asks me what I prefer re food… I pick the same thing she would pick! I think that means we are sisters! She lives in farm country and despite the grayness outdoors, the views are lovely, horses in fields, dogs running down a dirt road, branches waving in the wind while we enjoy being cozy warm inside.

My heart is filled with thankfulness to God for His goodness to me. In caring for me in the big things (keeping safe on the long drive back), and in the little things (like getting my computer virus removed quickly). I’m so thankful to be able to be with friends and see my family again… it is good to enjoy the here and now, and to rest in my Savior, knowing that He has the future well in control.