I call it nothing short of a miracle… went to a job interview this afternoon with another head hunting agency. After the interview I went to get my car keys–no keys! I looked everywhere, not in handbag, not in my coat…

I looked out the window. My car was still parked on the street. Went down to the car, got in–no keys. I emptied my bag again and looked. No keys.

I got out of the car and looked under, around, at the place machine where I put the coins in to pay for the parking. No keys.

Finally, I turned and leand on the hood of the car, trying to figure this out, and looked down.

The car keys were laying on the windshield just above the windshield wipers… I had been in the interview for over an hour. There had been a lot of people walking by. My car was still there! I call that a miracle. Thankyou Lord for protecting our car!