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Dvora Elisheva shares straight from her heart and holds back nothing! Her personal struggles with family dysfunction, abuse, dissociation, her sexuality, and the death of her beloved husband are shared freely and unreservedly. Life events such as these challenge one’s faith. Dvora is honest and open like no other on how she suffered and learned how to be an overcomer. Her valuable insights are nuggets of gold to anyone who is searching for answers.

Susan B. (aka “Obie”)
Executive Director, Christians in Recovery ( and Alcoholics Victorious (

In Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life, Dvora Elisheva courageously confronts personal issues most people would choose to avoid. She weaves together a seemingly unconnected patchwork of events, at times challenging the very beliefs that were foundational to her life, and pens words of encouragement based on an immovable anchor of hope. We want to defend her, cry with her, yell “enough” with her, and rejoice with her, as the clouds of life begin to dissipate and the sky becomes clear and bright. Her story has something for all of us, whether we look back at the “dots” in our own lives, or look forward to the challenges of connecting the “dots” that lie before us.

Marvin S. Kramer
Advocate and Notary of Israel; General Manager, A Future and A Hope (R.A.)

Some people are given more challenges in life than others. Dvora Elisheva just might be one of those people. Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life opens a window into her life, giving you an intimate experience with the indomitable spirit that tackled these challenges face on. You cannot help but be moved. And, dare I say it . . . inspired?

Sheri Oz, M.Sc.
Trauma Therapist, author of numerous professional articles and book chapters, and co-author of Overcoming Childhood Sexual Trauma

Once I started reading Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life, I couldn’t put it down. Dvora is a dear friend, but after reading her book, I now know her on a whole new level. She shares deeply and honestly about the darkest corners and most difficult decisions of her life. I am excited to think about the many people who will be encouraged by her amazing life, which is truly marked by God’s grace and love every step of the way.

Sandra Thiessen, B.Ed., M.A.
Past Counselor and Site Host, Mark Centre, Canada

Dvora Elisheva’s new book is a must read for anyone who resonates with true stories of hope in the darkness and strength coming out of weakness. She writes as she lives, with passion and grace under pressure. Dvora doesn’t mince words or whitewash the difficulties and pain she’s lived through. She is an honest voice that needs to be heard in these times of hypocrisy and lukewarmness. Being her friends for decades, it’s sometimes been a bumpy ride but always with joy and laughter on the way.

David Loden
Director, Kamti (
Lisa Loden
Project Manager, Israel Firstfruits Center for Economic Advancement (

As of December 2018, the book has received 51 reviews on Amazon
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As autobiographies go, this one stands alone as a testimony to Faith’s role in overcoming the horrors life can throw at a person and coming out victorious on the other side of the Valley of the Shadow. Although Dvora’s experiences provide difficult reading, her story provides encouragement for others who may have been, or are currently facing such challenges. This reviewer gives this book five stars for honesty and integrity in recounting a tough life without becoming maudlin or going into graphic details all while telling a compelling story that kept this reader’s interest. It’s worth the time spent reading it.

Cass Wessel
Verified Purchaser from Amazon

My favorite quote from the book is “But the dots do connect, and when they do, the picture is glorious.” I could relate so much the author said, although our stories are quite different. Dvora has a wonderful way of telling her story and bringing it all together. There is much hope as many of us wait to see how our own dots connect. I have already recommended this book to a friend.

Judee Howard
Goodreads Review, August, 2018

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