Well, if you spell it wrong, as I did on our family calendar (tympany) it’s nothing. Of course the girls had never heard of a Timpani or a tympany and so they thought I was scribbling nonsense on the calendar. All that to say that Rich had to pick up a timpani for church on Sunday. Special musical morning with as full an orchestra as the choir director can pull together. Should be fun.

Today I contined in my Fianaical Rep class.. still learning that as a side job… interesting stuff and definately helpful. Now if I can just find people who want the help…. but in this day and age I guess people are suspicious if there is a company that WANTS to help them get out of debt… go figure!

On the way home did some shopping and then came home. It was Rich’s turn to run errands and I stayed home, enjoyed some TV (Star Gate CDs lent to us by his son), and did some sewing.

So now I have to practice my guitar for tomorrow (yes, a guitar will be part of the orchestra)… Everyone here insists it is still Spring. I guess it is with leaves on trees and flowers in bloom, but with the temperature in the 30s (Farenheit) at night (that’s around 0 Centrigrade…. I still don’t think summer will be here any time soon. Rich says that Summer in Michigan is about 1 day long, and he is not yet sure which day it will fall on… I begin to believe him!

Here I have my winter stuff out most of the time, and a few clothes for warm weather out – just in case!

Ah well, I can’t complain.

Does not look like I got the Michigan job I interviewed for, but the other work starts in earnest on Tuesday. Then on Friday Rich and I are taking a long Memorial day weekend to Athens, Ohio to go visit friends from my university days. They are having a big get together this year (as they did last year) and Rich and I so enjoyed it last year, we have planned to do this as well, nice time away for us both, and get some fresh air as well.

So the next few days are going to be busy ones….

Shavua Tov – Have a great week everyone!