Hmmm… usually when I start out saying I don’t have much to say, I end up saying quite a bit. I suppose because I start writing and rambling on and suddenly discover all these thoughts I didn’t know were there.

I am beginning to get excited by new work opportunity. Don’t want to go into a whole lot of detail just yet. Suffice to say I am studying, training, and step one is to be licensed by the State… I sit for my test on Thursday morning. Weird… never thought I would be someone with a license to sell life insurance… but it is a means to an end, so I don’t mind. It’s been a real eye-opener too. I’ve been learning a lot about the world of finance.

I keep looking for other positions to apply for in the meanwhile, but nothing seems to show up. Michigan is one economically depressed state!

Times like this I need to keep my eyes super focused on what is really important, and to remember that God is faithful. He has promised to meet our needs… and I look forward to seeing how He does it this time, so that I can share with you all just how faithful He has been.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about life like the scenes in a movie. The protagonist goes through their part of the story. Then, for a few moments the camera moves to show the viewers what the protagonist cannot and does not know. We the viewers know and keep wondering when the protagonist will find out…

I am living the scenes of my life. Unlike the movies, I have read the end of the story. I KNOW what God has promised. In a way, I am the viewer and the protagonist. But I cannot see the fine details. I do not see the hand of God moving in an unknown area of my life, in the life a person I have not yet met, or in the hearts of people I may never meet, all to bring about His answer to the needs in my life and the lives of those I love.

But His hand is moving, of this I am certain.

Something I really look forward to is when I will be in eternity. I will be able to ask my Savior to show me what was really happening during these times of frustration, and struggle, and inner battling. And He will show me. And I will have a deeper awe and gratitude for my creator than I will have had before I knew.

And in the meantime, I am learning to wait…