OK, I know that is a weird title, but there you are. We just got back from meeting with the lawyer. Basically , he feels that from what he can “see” with his eyes, we do not have a good enough case for Rich to get disability. However, he thinks we MAY be able to build a case based on all kinds of things we were not aware of. First step, I have to write a detailed letter outlining the entire case: He said, you are a technical writer, now here is your test – you need to not just convince me, but the administration.

The next disconcerting thing we learned was that it will be at least 2 years before our case is heard by Social Security (if the government as we know it is even intact by then – but that is another story). So, for those of you who want to know why, here is what we learned. For several years now, there have only been 6 judges in the Grand Rapids area hearing Social Security cases. IF they worked up to speed, with 6 cases a day (per judge) every day, 52 weeks a year, they could only hear 9360 cases a year. Currently, there are some 12,000 cases for disability outstanding. The numbers are increasing as the unemployment rate goes up. Apparently people who could have been employed in some type of manual labor related to the car industry are also applying for disability, as their only hope for income.

The lawyer said that at the soonest, our case MAY be heard in August of 2010, possibly later. On the bright side, his cost is reasonable, it turns out he is a Greek Orthodox (think the father in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) and loves the Bible and our Lord – and is passionate about pointing people to the Word of God. He is also passionate about Greece and church history, and was intrigued to learn about me as a Jewish Believer.

In so many ways, Rich and I were encouraged, as much as discouraged. No he will not get on disability any time soon, if ever. But now that we have an answer in terms we can understand, and a lawyer willing to fight for us anyway (many lawyers would have turned down the case since payment is only IF he wins), we move on, looking to the Lord to see what GOOD surprise He has for us.

And in the end, whether our supply comes from social security, an unexpected gift, employment, or a package on our doorstep – it is all from our Father in heaven who is guiding things to His glory and our best good.

Doesn’t mean Rich and I won’t have our up and down days; doesn’t mean we won’t feel discouraged, does mean despite our circumstances, and what we see or feel, God is still in control.