During the night, Rich wanted to talk. He has indicated that he is not sure he has made the right decision. At this point in time he does not want to stop the respirator. He is not sure he agrees with the doctor, and if there is any chance he can recover, he wants to live.

At first, when I learned this, I was thrown for a loop – but as I think about it – this sounds like my husband. Listening to the doctor, processing, and now coming back with his own thoughts and questions. He has indeed proven doctors wrong in the past. He needs a lot more information to make the right decision… and at this point, it is indeed his decision.

One of the doctors was in and said he was not surprised, and will do all he can to support Rich in his decision making process. Several of the kids are here now and we are sitting, visiting, waiting for Rich to wake up. He is sleeping soundly right now.

We continue to pray, trust the Lord, and rest in His word.