Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life: Hope for a Fractured Soul

I wrote Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life a few years after my husband died. It seemed like his death was the ultimate disappointment. Yet this book is not only about my grief. Rather, it is about trying to put all the disparate parts of my life into a comprehensive whole. You see grief, is but one part of my journey.

Mine was a journey that included

  • A dysfunctional Christian family: My mother was a Christian, an alcoholic, a diagnosed schizophrenic, and very possibly a misdiagnosed person with dissociative identity disorder (DID); my father was a brittle diabetic from an orthodox Jewish background
  • Abuse ranging from physical to spiritual
  • Memory gaps
  • A love for everything Chinese
  • Deep identification with the Jewish people
  • A passion for the Bible and a relationship with Jesus
  • Emotional collapse leading to a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder not otherwise specified (DDNOS)
  • Meeting a very special man and marrying for the first time at the age of 53 and losing him 3 years later

In the background was a move to Israel, active ministry in the Israeli Chinese community, an amazing couple of months in China, relocating to the US, and then back to Israel. But perhaps the most important part of my life, in the foreground, has been the amazing God of Creation who has gotten me through it all (as Andre Crouche sang).

Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life invites you to join me in my journey to put all these pieces together into a picture that not only makes sense, but offers meaning, hope, and a victorious life along the way.

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