This is a picture of Rich at the Garden tomb – I pasted two pics together so you can get the whole view…. of course the tomb is empty… 1,400 people from all over the world gathered there for sunrise service on Easter morning… Rich, myself, and my Chinese friends amongst them… blessed fellowship, worship and an encouraging message reminding us – the tomb is empty and we need to make sure everyone knows…

inh, Cee, Debbie, Rich Yotam and Noa (Matan stayed home with his cousins...)

Vinh, Cee, Debbie, Rich
Yotam and Noa (Matan stayed home with his cousins…)

There are so many more pics, but these are among my favorite… we had a great time. It was wonderful to have this time with Rich, to get to know him better and learn more and more what a very special son of the King he is… I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing him into my life.

We made many discoveries while he was there… about life, each other, my friends… and perhaps most importantly, were deeply challenged to trust our Father in heaven for all He is doing in our lives… for at the end of the day—He is the author of our stories and we only want to give Him the glory.

I keep promising to upload more pics… I hope I will find time this weekend to get some more loaded from his trip here. We even visited a site I had not seen before!

I hope to share more later, but wanted to get this up for a start.