Well, I’m not really sure what to write… I am so thankful to the Lord that the antibiotic is working. I was scared I’d end up with a bad cough like what I had during the war this past summer (not that you know about that, since this blog is a bit new…) Does anyone know how I can post OLD stuff? If I could, I could post all my emails from the war days, and you coud catch up on what that was like…

Anyway, today I took my God-children Noa and Yotam shopping for their Christmas presents. Noa wanted a real Hebrew bible with nice pages… she is only 10 but I am blessed that while she hates to read, she wants to read her Bible. Yotam already has a Bible so he got a book and a new set of earplugs for his iPod. We had a nice time.

Afterwards I had to go to a Bar Mitzva for the son of a friend at work. I suddenly realized that in this venue, you may not know what a Bar Mitzva is… It is a Jewish celebration for a boy’s coming of age – 13. Yotam had his ceremony during the war (yes, he is not Jewish, but he is in a Jewish environment… he did his with another Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus) and so the other boy read a Torah portion (from Law of Moses) and Yotam read the complementary passage in the New Testament). Anyway, back to today’s Bar Mitzva… now with so many new friends in the States who are totally unfamiliar with my life here in Israel, I am starting to look at things with new eyes… We all come to this nice party hall, nicely decorated, really good food. People wander around and make small talk. Lots of people come in couples or families, but I was not the only single person there… but I do not enjoy small talk so it’s always awkward for me. Afterwards, we have a fancy meal, and then a program where family, friends, sometimes a Rabbi will give special blessings to the boy to honor him on his special day.

Came home, caught up on some work I need to do at home, and now am working on emails and all kinds of other stuff…. anyway, I’ve uploaded some pictures of the Bar Mitzva, just go to my photos and enjoy looking at a side of life in Israel you don’t read about in the news. No pictures of me this time… but also some pictures of the great view on the way home….

So that was my Friday! God bless you all!



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DarkMizzle228 — 12/23/2006/2:58 PMGlad you are feeling better!

RichRH — 12/23/2006/4:49 PM
I’m also thankful you are feeling better, but I disagree that none of those pictures are of you. In a way they are all of you! And they all help me get to know you and your world better!