I attended a very special “kabalat shabat” service (receiving the Sabbath) tonight. Iranian believers in Jesus who live in England came to Israel to learn more about this Land and meet other people who believe in Jesus—including Jewish believers. They shared songs in Farsi, a young lady shared why there group had come to visit, and her husband gave the main message. He shared about Moses, and reminded us that when we are weak, then God is strong. When we realize we cannot do anything, then God is released to do it all. He is the I AM who IS always with us.

Another young man shared his testimony. A secular Muslim, raised in Iran, he and his brother needed a reason to stay in England. Being a Christian was a reason, since Christians suffer terrible persecution in Iran. But as they studied the faith with other Iranian believers in Jesus something amazing happened, they discovered their savior, Jesus. And so they didn’t need a reason to stay in England any more; the Reason found them.

I love hearing testimonies, each one is so different, and yet each one always has the same elements: some type of problem, struggle, or fear, some way of learning about the Gospel (a chance tract, a stray Bible, a friend who believes in Jesus, or even a dream), a moment of choice and an act of faith, and then discovery of the amazing imparted grace and salvation that cannot be earned through the blood of Jesus. I am always so encouraged by such sharing, and so grateful for these young people who came to encourage their family in Messiah in Israel.

Truly the sound of such amazing grace is heavenly melody—and I feel that I heard a little of that melody this evening.