The day got off to a rather disconcerting start. I wanted to walk to work, even though I was late (I’d just missed the bus as well), and halfway to work, I realized I’d forgotten my time card. No problem; it’s happened to me before and I could write in my hours. But as I approached my office, I realized, oops, I also forgot the key to my office.

No problem, the administrative assistant to my boss has an extra key. But no, she didn’t. She handed me three piles of keys to try. I went through them all, several times. I finally found the key to the office next to mine, which has a connecting door. So, I was able to get into the office, turn on my computer, and discover I was late for a meeting (late to work, time spent looking for key…), and so the day progressed. And I don’t know how many people wanted to discuss things with me. I had to keep unlocking the office next to mine to let people in.

Finally, the other woman I share the office with arrived… she had a key… and I was able to get in and out of the office without difficulty.

But it made me realize… we cannot live our lives on borrowed keys or side doors. And the circuitous route I had to travel to get in the office… What if I lived my life like that? What if my relationship with God was like that?

So the busy lost key day also makes me thankful for a direct relationship with God my Savior… and the best part is, I can’t lose Him because HE will never let me go!