As many of you may know, I had minor surgery a few weeks ago. Now, I’ve just found I am finally going to have surgery to my eyelids on April 29! I’ve been having a real struggle with extreme tiredness, difficulty opening one of my eyes in the morning, and always feeling like I’m not seeing clearly. Apparently its not my imagination! It turns out my eyelids are hanging too low, interfering with my vision, and also bagging too much for my eye muscles to compensate.

So, in two weeks I’ll be having plastic surgery which will fix my eye sight, and also change how I look. My first thought as I considered this was, I wish it was that easy spiritually – a change of spiritual sight, and viola, I look completely different and am able to see completely differently.  Then I realized ahh, but I have to be willing to submit to the surgeon’s knife.

A lot of the times its easier to submit to a human surgeon than it is to God. But sadly, we’d rather pay a surgeon than accept God’s interference in our lives for free, because He paid the bill through the blood of Jesus. I don’t need to wait for insurance coverage, or contribute to the co-pay… because Jesus paid it all.

So as I consider the battles of life, everything from attitude to the things I’ve left undone that I should have done, I realize again, that I need to be as persistent in running to God to heal my heart and soul, and change me from the inside out, as I’ve been persistent in seeking a solution to the discomfort in my eyelids.

Now the phrase “the blink of an eye,” has new meaning for me. Not only am I reminded of my hope in Jesus’ soon return. I am also reminded to be persistent in looking to Him for my daily hope, my daily encouragement, my daily strength to have eyes to see, and to follow—Him!