It’s amazing how in the midst of the mundane, God undertakes to surprise me in so many ways. I was sharing with someone the Good News this week, and reminded again that it is of value only because there really is bad news.

For weeks now, I guess I’ve been struggling with that bad news. I think we all get stuck in that trap at some time or another—wanting so desperately to have something good in and of ourselves to bring to the Lord. Wanting a pat on the back for the well done we did, ignoring our mixed motives or God’s enabling. For me, it is the running around in circles to ignore the still small voice reminding me that my value is because God has chosen to love me and does not want to see me lost. My value is intrinsic because of God’s choice—nothing I did or earned or deserved.

It hit me yesterday anew when I was explaining God’s holiness to someone. I had a piece of white paper in front of me and my friend agreed that the paper was white, spotless, “pure.” Then I picked up a pencil and made the smallest, lightest dot possible on the paper, visible, but so tiny and small and insignificant in the midst of the massive white around it. I went on to explain, “This is enough to separate us from God.”

My friend was horrified and shirked back in shock. “You can’t mean God would reject me for that little spot?!”

I explained that is what holiness is and we cannot appreciate the good news of the blood of Jesus without understanding the bad news. “In the Tenach we had blood sacrifices,” I continued to explain. “But where are they now? Isn’t it interesting that sacrifices are not possible today? But if Yeshua is the Messiah, His sacrifice is accounted to me. Why am I so excited about the good news? Because it is God’s answer to the bad news—that little spot on the paper.”

My friend crossed their arms and looked at me, “I understand, but I don’t like it.”

My flesh doesn’t like it either. But O, I am so thankful in my heart for Yeshua, Jesus. He is my imputed righteousness. I have none of my own, but His righteousness is really big enough for all of us! I pray these thoughts will bless you as they have me as we prepare for this Easter and Passover season.

John 3:17  For God sent not His son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world, through Him, might be saved.