I thought I would write more once I got settled in Colorado, but find that time goes by and suddenly, I’ve been here two weeks! I am enjoying being with my friends, and so very thankful for them. I have a lovely room that gets lots of bright warm sunlight in the daytime, and is cozy at night, despite the chill nights. Guay my cat is adjusting to the change, and finds the lace interesting. He moves from sun spot to sun spot, enjoying laying in the sun, while I work at the computer, read, or visit with Layla and Jon.

This is a strange state of affairs. I feel, in one sense, in limbo, neither here nor there. I miss people in Michigan, and even some aspects of Michigan itself (though not Michigan weather), I am enjoying meeting new people in Colorado, the weather is wonderful, and the view – pure majesty – reminding me of the Psalms, “The mountains declare the glory of God.”

Yet grief is a part of my every day life in some form of another. Loss of home, loss of family, loss of my husband, no longer being in a choir… The knowledge that where I am is temporary, and why, is a very real part of my every day in one way or another. Tears always find a way to rain on something… but if rain is needed for growth, then maybe so too are tears. That is not to say I am moping or depressed all the time – on the contrary – only that to see me smiling and enjoying life here does not negate the very real sorrow that has affected every part of my life in one way or another.

I enjoy being able to read my Bible and journal in the mornings, working through various Bible studies, and the occasional devotional. It never ceases to amaze me how I’ll open up something to read and somehow it is exactly appropriate for that very day, and the thoughts I struggle with. Email, Facebook, and other messages challenge to focus on thankfulness. And I am thankful…

Thankful that the God of comfort brings comfort to my heart.

Thankful that Rich is with the Lord, healthier and more whole than he ever was on this earth.

Thankful that my Savior has forgiven and cleansed me, and is so very patient with me.

Thankful that my step-children are in better care in HIS good hands, than they could ever be with me.

Thankful for precious friends

Thankful for work

Thankful that I can walk, breathe, move, and use my senses.

Thankful that God is unchangeable, reliable, trustworthy, and that I belong to Him.

I pray that you too will have a thankful thanksgiving, no matter how you are challenged.

In HIS Grace,