Tonight at church they are having a Pie and Praise evening. Cherry pie will soon go in the oven (Sarah Lee – sorry – I don’t make pies!), house straightened up for tomorrow… and thinking of what I DO have to be thankful for…

  • Rich found combined house and car insurance that saves us $250 (half our winter taxes)
  • My job interview went well, at least I felt good with it… will only know next week if I made it to personal interview
  • Had a great time at lunch yesterday with E, my step-daughter… found out many interesting things about her likes, dislikes, and dreams…
  • We had a family evening, the four of us and Rich;s older son and his wife – bowling. Got a 101 – almost won but Lloyd beat me by 3 points! Nice to bowl with my “peers” and one of my best scores ever
  • Went to Goodwill and found 3 pairs of new condition winter slacks for a total of $9 (not 90 but 9 dollars! – sure beats Israel prices)
  • Today is one day closer to heaven than I was yesterday
  • Today is one day closer to the Lord’s answer for work for me and Rich, than yesterday
  • No major snow yet, and relatively not cold (low 30s…)
  • And, despite how everything looks in the world, God is STILL in charge and knows what He is doing (even if we and I don’t)

So I guess that is a good start for Thanksgiving… hope you all have a blessed one!