Now what could this title possibly have to do with anything of interest. Well, I’ve just learned how weird it feels to have a temporary tooth filling in until a crown is ready… totally weird…

I completed my obligations as President of the Israel Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication—and am so relieved… am also turning over web duties to someone else… and finally starting to be able to do other things on the weekend, except…

All I’m doing this weekend is rest, because I’ve gotten bronchitis (again) with sinusitis and am on antibiotics etc. and etc. golly what FUN! Well, the fun part is, exactly one week from today a very special person is coming to Israel. Now for those of you who KNOW, you know, but if you don’t know, can you guess?

So now I have to get to straightening up the house, and getting healthy to enjoy Passover vacation. In May, I have a presentation at a professional conference in Minneapolis, and will then go to visit Grand Rapids, MI for a couple of weeks. I’ve never been there. Never thought of visiting there before… but, well, its only an hour flight from Minneapolis, well, actually, CHICAGO is an hours flight from Minneapolis, so I will fly to Chicago and a friend will meet me and bring me to Grand Rapids… I’m looking forward to meeting many very special people whom I hope will become good friends….

As far as wedding plans go, I’m still waiting to hear from the person in charge of the place where I want the wedding to be held (in Israel)… I hope I can get the date we’ve settled on… so now you have a hint as to whom the special person is who is visiting and a reason why I will be in Grand Rapids….

All for now! (I will get new pics uploaded some time….)


RichRH — 3/23/2007/11:42 PM
Now why would you be going to Grand Rapids??? Well, I’m looking forward to you being here in May. I’ll see you next week!

CMCogan — 3/24/2007/3:20 PM
I’m so glad you were able to turn everything over to others before the last minute.
Yes, you’re right, it is a very weird feeling having some wax or plastic crown until the real one is ready.
Concerning your bronchitis etc. – as they say here in Israel, “by your wedding you’ll get over it”. But I hope you get over it sooner than that.