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Shavuot Hope

Shavuot is the Feast of Weeks. For Christians it is Pentecost… in the Jewish year, for me, it is my legal wedding anniversary to Rich Hemstreet. Our legal wedding was actually May 23, 2007 (our “real” spiritual wedding was August 10, 2007). I didn’t plan it that way, but I remember looking at the calendar […]

My Don Quixote

My Don Quixote

Last night I went to see the play Man of La Mancha. I’ve heard the music before but I’d never seen the play, was totally unfamiliar with the plot, and had never read the book Don Quixote. There was something gripping about the whole plot; a man deemed insane by virtue of his desire to […]


Second day into 2011, and I was wondering what to write or share. Truth be told, I have not had a lot to say these days. It snowed just before the New Year, which is OK, just means wearing warmer clothes when I go out. Was getting dressed for the meeting this morning, and realized […]

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