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Christmas Meditation

In some places this season is filled with celebrations, decorations, and shopping. In others, the birth of Messiah is ignored. Yet, all those who believe in Him are well aware of the significance of this season whether they view it as a celebration or a desecration. Perhaps it is time to stop taking sides (whether […]

Little Pleasures

It’s hard to keep up when you have to get to work early to assure a parking place, work late, and then are busy in the evenings… and now I’m on my off to pick up friends at the airport. I had a nice quiet birthday dinner with some friends on June 17. The next […]


These past few days have been going by too fast… I enjoyed attending the woman’s Bible Study on Thursday morning, and was reminded again of how amazing His word is… that every word of it was ordained by Him… so much to learn if we but have ears to hear. Saturday evening, Layla and Jon […]