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Sabbath in Tongues

Well, as some of you do or don’t know, I’ve been staying in Ebenezer Home since the beginning of the month because of a back injury that affected my right leg and resulted in terrible pain. I’ve been here two weeks now, and am feeling a lot better. The pain is a lot less, and […]

Abigail Mae

For some crazy reason, I was convinced my daughter-in-law Kristina Mae would have a boy. Well I had a 50-50 chance, and I lost… yesterday I became a new grandmother. Early in the morning on Friday Lloyd issued a hurried post on Facebook (FB), they were on the way to the hospital in snowy weather; […]

Getting Settled In

I was greeted at the airport by one of my God children, Noa, and her mother, Cee (pronounced “see”). We had a lovely visit; took the train to Haifa where Cee’s husband and another friend picked us up and drove us to my new residence for the next seven months. My new room mate, Karin […]

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