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November 1 marks the beginning of NaNo—National Novel Writing Month. It is run by an organization that encourages writing. The goal, for someone to write their first novel in 30 days. This means 50,000 or more words by the end of November. I’ve decided to take the challenge, but it will help me if you […]

The Same Saving Grace for All

I attended a very special “kabalat shabat” service (receiving the Sabbath) tonight. Iranian believers in Jesus who live in England came to Israel to learn more about this Land and meet other people who believe in Jesus—including Jewish believers. They shared songs in Farsi, a young lady shared why there group had come to visit, […]

Grace Upon Grace

It is with much thankfulness that I am writing today. I may have missed the holiday of Thanksgiving, but thanksgiving fills my heart. After years of battling an intestinal problem, the surgery that I had on Nov. 18 has proven to be a success. I enjoyed a nice long walk today, and other than being […]

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