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Just Like Today

This year has felt more “Christmassy” than previous years. Partly it’s been because of the preparations for Christmas programs in my own and the Chinese congregation. But another reason is Haifa’s annual “Holiday of Holidays” when Christmas, Hanukkah, and a Muslim holiday (although I’ve never received a conclusive answer for which one) are celebrated. A […]

Hanukkah Musings

Recently a friend sent an article to me written by well-known commentator, author, and lawyer, Ben Shapiro. In it he critiques the understanding of Hanukkah by turning it into the Jewish version of Christmas. He points out that Hanukkah “after all, is about a war: a war against Hellenism, the attempt by Greek forces to […]

Joy, Joy, Joy

As many of you know, I have gone to the USA for my step-daughter’s graduation. This visit has been filled with only joy and answered prayers. From attending Emily’s graduation from university, with honors, to singing with Andrea in her congregation’s Christmas concert and spending the day with the grandchildren playing games, visiting a “live” […]

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