These past two weeks since my surgery was postponed have been interesting and amazing, on many different levels.

Clearly, God’s sovereignty was clear to me. By being able to work these last two weeks, I’ve been able to work on the outreach my place of work is having to the Christian community. The hospital (Rambam Health Care Campus) is building the world’s largest underground hospital — 2,000 beds. This is not a bunker but a fully functioning hospital. In times of peace it will serve as an underground parking lot, but within 72 hours it will be a fully functioning hospital in times of war. The building is done and due to be opened in a couple months. Rambam is currently undergoing a major fund-raising effort to equip the underground hospital (called the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital).

It is rare that a job lets me do something that can have an impact on many people’s lives. Hence, it was with great excitement when I was asked to write a newsletter for the Christian community, to tell them more about what we are doing. I was able to finish it and we got it out this week. We have not heard from a lot of people yet, but so far, the feedback has been positive. But the timing was also interesting… we sent out the newsletter… and hours later learned of military actions in the south of Israel…

I guess that is another word for war. Haifa is north of Tel Aviv and out of missile range from Gaza. However, I have many friends and colleagues living in the areas under threat in the past few days. Unfortunately, the news in the west doesn’t seem to give a very balanced perspective of all this. I will not say Israel is perfect in how they do everything, but doesn’t a nation have the right to defend itself? Missiles have been landing in southern Israel for months, all fired from Gaza. Should we not respond?

At the same time, another fact that many are not aware of is there are many Christians living in Gaza. They have no say over their government and what is going on. As much as Israel tries to not target civilians (as opposed to Gaza aiming missiles at civilian targets), there are no guarantees that innocent people will not be hurt. That is the nature of war.

So when you pray, please pray for ALL involved in this conflict. Pray for Israel and the Jewish people, and pray for Gaza and the people there as well. Most of all, I pray that God will change people’s hearts and turn them to Himself.

As for me? I am scheduled for surgery again on Sunday (Nov. 18) at 3:00 pm (Israel time). I will be admitted tomorrow and have to go through the entire preparation again. I am not looking forward to it. For those of you who have had to have a colonoscopy — prep is the same, but stricter as to what I can drink, etc. Not fun.

But I am thankful God has given me a very good surgeon. So that is all my news for now. I’ll keep you posted.