Well, yesterday it hit 90 degrees F for the first time this summer. Last summer it barely got into the 80s… so I finally am starting to warm up.

There is much to be thankful for. Some good contracts helping to make ends meet, Rich’s official nomination by the Libertarian Party of Michigan to run for the 2nd Congressional district – elections in November.

I had a blessed visit with my maid of honor at the end of April, and attended a national technical writers conference in May. Been fighting a bad cold since I got back though, finally starting to feel a lot better.

I find what is going on here in the US quite disconcerting. It seems that there is none so blind as those who will not see. Some things trickle in via the news, others, you just have to research and look to figure it all out. Our government has gone mad. Saw a recent news article about an autistic young man who could not receive medical treatment because – he was autistic. Unbelievable!

But the news in other nations is not much better. After a relative period of freedom, the communist government in China is starting to take a harsher stance towards Christians again. In fact, the US is currently considering approving an international rights of children treaty which, if signed, would consider teaching our children to believe in Jesus as a crime of indoctrination that deprives children of their rights!

I should not be surprised. These are all symptoms of the foolishness of this world as it seeks to totally deny God. Yet it is GOD who provides the very air we breathe. Every time the weather refuses to obey the mandates of man, we have proof that we cannot control our world. Those who claim they do not believe in God are threatened by the mute testimony of God’s existence. Otherwise, why try to legislate what we can and cannot teach? Odd how I, as a believer in God have never once tried to force anyone to believe in God, yet political correctness and anti-hate speech tries to legislate what I can and cannot say.

I cannot say homosexuality is a sin. It offends the homosexual.

They don’t want me to talk about creation. It is unscientific.

Yet our world is caught up in the insane worship of climate change, global warming, and offending no one for the sake of making everyone happy.

Many years ago, I remember realizing as I read the book of Revelation that for those things to happen, it would require a dumbed down society of people refusing or unable to think for themselves. I never dreamed I would see that society happening in my lifetime. Yet everyday I watch new things happening in the news and around us in our society, in the US and globally. People are shirking their responsibilities and want the government to completely support them. We have never been closer to a totalitarian society here in the US, than now.

When I watch how crowds respond to our President, my mind flashes back to reruns from Hitler’s Germany. Does no one see it? If I think about these things too much, I can feel quite hopeless.

But then I remember. Jesus IS Lord. He remains on the throne. God has made known the end from the beginning exactly for this purpose, that we NOT give up hope. And perhaps that answers the question as to why the Book of Revelation is so important to believers. Forgetting all the theological arguments, pre-Trib, mid-Trib, post-Trib, millenium or not – the real message is this:


You cannot legislate divinity. As the old hymn goes, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus and HIS righteousness.”

So let my hope be challenged. There are struggles and they will continue. They most likely will get even more difficult. I will have up and down days, as my body and emotions react to aging and the times. But I’ve read the end of the book. And I am so thankful that the day is coming when I will see God’s victory, final and complete over this sinful and fallen world, and He will indeed make all things new, including me! Amen and Amen.