Seeing the poster, “Attitude is Everything” has always been interesting to me. I have realized it intellectually. But these past few days, I’m realizing it in a newer way – in reality. I talked with a friend of mine in Israel this morning. I needed to get some professional info from her. As we wound up the talk she said, “we are all very concerned about your situation.”

I think I surprised her–I know I surprised me with my response. I told her, “If it was only Rich and I, you should be concerned. But rather, be concerned for America. Compared to many others, he and I are doing well. At least I’m training for a new job. At least we have no credit card debt.”

And I shared with her things I’ve been learning. How a colleague wrote and mentioned that he was laid off, and they are at the end of their savings. He can’t find work. Now what does he do? Our Pastor urged members to give to the benevolent fund in our church. It has gone dry from helping others. In fact, when I first lost work the Pastor asked if we needed help. Rich and I told him, “Not yet. We still have some savings…”

The mortgage company’s offer of help is laughable. They are willing to let us miss a few payments (they have to evaluate how many). Then we have to begin repaying the mortgage PLUS the missed payments within a defined amount of time. So we can just have a bit of relief now, to experience major stress later. Rich and I will apply, if for no reason than to be able to document the whole experience. Can you believe it? The bank calls the place where we have to apply, “Hope Department.”

Sorry Countrywide Insurance. That is not hope. You were given millions of dollars to help you clients, but instead, you are buying small banks, and offering to help others in a way that makes sure that they pay for any so-called “help” you give. That is not hope and that is not help. That is taking advantage of desperate people in desperate times.

O thank GOD, that my GOD is the God of the universe. And that is where attitude comes in. As I’ve considered everything that has happened since I met Rich and we married, I realize that God has answered my prayer. I knew I needed stretched in so many areas of my life. I was tired of being alone. Through our marriage, God has been showing me so much. So much where I need to ask His forgiveness, so much where I need to grow, so much about HIS power in our weakness.

This posting is my public Valentine’s Day present, a few days early, to my husband. I am so not sorry that we got married. I am so not sorry that I am here. I am so very grateful to God for all He is doing in our lives. Are we struggling? Yes. Do we get discouraged? Yes. Does it hurt? O yes. Are there tears? Definitely.

BUT God is greater than all of this. He is with us through the struggles and through the trials. He has promised to meet our needs, not our wants. In His graciousness, He gives so much more than we realize.

And how can Rich and I encourage others who are struggling, if we have not faced those struggles. I don’t want an intellectual exercise. I want reality. And God is giving us reality.

So what is going to happen? I don’t know. I do know that we have enough for today. And isn’t that what Jesus told us? “Take no thought for tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Today has enough concerns of its own…”

Today, I have to finish up this posting. Today, I have some work on a small project to do. Today, I need to do the dishes. Today, I need to wrap some gifts. Today, I need to prepare for my class which begins in a few hours. Today, I am thankful to my God that He is God and I am not. That He is the one who is truly in charge and in control. And I am thankful for the life He has given me, here in Michigan with my husband and his kids (my step-kids).

P.S. For those of you who are interested. I just put up a new page about how Rich and I met. We wrote it together. Enjoy.