It is one of those brisk mornings where you step out the door with a jacket and start walking. And about two minutes later the jacket is off and you are walking in the cool spring air basking in the sun. It is no longer so cold that the warmth of the sun is stolen the moment it is felt. Rather, you warm up, have joy in each step, and all too soon have arrived at your destination. I’ve also found that listening to music as I walk to work makes me walk faster (if it is fast music)!

I think Spring is almost here. With Passover in two weeks, it should be.

Work is picking up and I am busy without having to rush or deal with pressured deadlines. That is a huge difference over hi-tech. On a personal level, I have a lot to be thankful for too. My new apartment is lovely and I am so enjoying the peace and quiet, and having all my own things out. I enjoyed staying with friends over the past year, but it is nice to finally have my own place and space. Tonight some of the ladies from my congregation are coming over. We meet every month, each time in a different home. I’m looking forward to my first major hostessing since I’ve gotten back to Israel.

I’ve been struggling with a few minor physical issues since I got back. I’ve had an idea what the problems were, and researched them enough to know what the treatment is, but while I may have medical care, the system here is not what it was (thought better than many in other countries with health care systems). I finally found a doctor who did a real physical exam and actually (faint shock) gave the diagnosis I thought it would be (and no, I didn’t tell him what I thought the problem was). So I am scheduled for minor surgery (removal of internal hemorrhoids) next Wed. (March 28), and can expect hopefully only 1 week off before I get back to normal. It won’t stop the IBS I’ve been struggling with, but will be a huge step forward to help me get a handle on it. So I’m thankful!

Another problem I’ve had is with my eyes… my eyelids droop a lot (if you notice from the photos), and strangely, are quite painful and difficult to open in the morning. Again, this has an easy solution, but getting to the right doctor and solution has been a long battle. I finally have an appointment with someone on April 20 who may be able to help with this, without having to do it totally privately (though I may, in the end have to pay something, because the powers that be seem to think I need to wait until the eyelids droop so much I’m blind to be willing to call it essential). But again, looks like an answer is on the way.

And with Spring in the air, I realize that my step-daughter’s wedding is rapidly approaching, and I will soon be hopping on a plane for a quick visit to the US for her wedding and to see the rest of my family. Am looking forward to seeing everyone and rejoicing with Andrea and Josh on their big day. I also arrive in time for Emily’s graduation party… from high school! I am so proud of both girls who have accomplished so much, by God’s grace.

May your day too be filled with thankfulness for the many blessings showered on you.