Well, we have a winter storm warning on through Christmas Day. Could someone please tell me who decided that a WHITE Christmas is the perfect one? I admit, it is beautiful, but its a lot of work. I helped with the shoveling this morning (visit my album on Facebook…), but Emily went out again late this afternoon, and then she and Andrea went out again this evening to shovel us out yet again… and knock down snow banks so that the mailman can deliver mail in our mailbox.

At least WE still have a mailbox. Our neighbors went under with the snow plow!

O yes, winter is wonderful…. from inside. As Rich says, the view makes wonderful postcards…

Tomorrow we are having Rich’s kids here for Christmas Eve dinner. Making Turkey, and piles of other things… it should be a nice evening.

So my friends, have a blessed Christmas and Hanukkah. I love when both holidays fall together. The LIGHT of the world is come to us.