Today my friends took me shopping. I was supposed to just be looking at things, but the sales and prices on clothes were so unbelievable… 1/4 the price for what I would have paid in Israel. So I got lots of useful things that I wouldn’t have thought of getting in Israel, like a house robe, and a warm vest for under my coat or for cool days in Israel. I think I am prepared to survive the cold in Toronto! The neat part is that I qualified for a discount and I get the taxes back! Also, it’s not as cold as it could have been….

Got a nice phone call from my Chinese friends in Toronto. And o my, except for right this minute to think about not thinking – I’ve not thought about work at all! How wonderful! God is so good. I am so thankful to Him for this trip and His planning of. So much yet to enjoy!

Bless the Lord O My soul, and all that is within me,
Bless His Holy name!