Well, I haven’t gotten close to what I wanted to get done today, and here it is getting close evening. Once I got started on what needed to be done, I found myself accidentally deleting ALL the websites I host, including this blog. I literally thank God for a wonderful hosting service like Bluehost.com for doing good backups. In fact, they had just completed a backup of my site when I clicked the wrong button and everything vanished.

A couple of hours and lots of adrenalin later, everything is up and running. No one would have known but them and me about what happened… except now I am telling you. Of course, if you are ever looking for a hosting service, I will sing to you the praises of Bluehost.com. They have amazing technical support, great service, readable online help, and for a low price, I have absolutely no space limitations. They literally saved my digital life. Oh yes, I’ll sing their praises.

For my friends who don’t believe in Jesus, and those of you who do, but think I could be a bit more subtle about what I believe, all I can tell you is this. How can I not sing the praises of my Savior Yeshua—the Messiah of Israel and my best friend. He has saved more than my digital life—He has saved me, my soul, the eternal essence of who I am. Yes, I will, I must sing His praises.

How can I not sing HIS praises? I don’t pay a monthly fee, and the service and support I receive are utterly amazing. The user guide is translated into almost every language in the world, and there are volunteers hard at work to make the rest accessible. You can get the guide in print, online, recorded, why it’s even handicap accessible—in multi-lingual versions of braille! Amazing volunteers, guided by the OWNER, have managed to make a variety of language accessible versions as well, including simple English for those with only a grade school education. That is just the beginning.  Once you join up (free of charge, you just have to admit you are not a perfect package and need a hard disk cleanup offered only by Him), the owner provides you with His very own spirit as a resident program. Now here’s the thing, His Spirit program has the capability of taking over your entire system without you ever knowing it, but the Owner says that kind of control is never taken without your permission. You can give His Spirit as much or as little control over your own program as you want. The Owner says it’s the only way the His Spirit program can work well. Otherwise, the changes in ourselves would be just too traumatic for us to understand or cope with. Considering how many times I violate protocol and do NOT read the instructions carefully (before I clicked the button I got a message asking if I really wanted to delete all my files, but I misinterpreted what I’d read), I’m stunned at how the His Spirit program so willingly forgives me and cleans me back up again.

But the best part is the Warranty. We’ve all heard of a life-time warranty. No one really believes in them anymore. The companies are always putting the loopholes into tiny print that you miss. Things go wrong, the product goes bad, and you just have to say goodbye, or get a new one. But once I let the OWNER fix my hard disk, He does something amazing; He promises that once the hard disk casing goes kaput, and the hard disk has nowhere to go, I get to go and live with the OWNER forever, with all the hard disk defects permanently deleted. Now if that isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is!

Yes, it’s been a great day, as I’ve had a new reason to be so thankful for my wonderful savior, Jesus My Lord! What a wonderful Savior He is!