Well, as some of you do or don’t know, I’ve been staying in Ebenezer Home since the beginning of the month because of a back injury that affected my right leg and resulted in terrible pain.

I’ve been here two weeks now, and am feeling a lot better. The pain is a lot less, and I can move around more easily, although parts of my right leg are still quite numb. I’m still using a walker until my leg is stronger. It’s amazing how quickly the time has passed. Not one day has been boring or seemed too long, even though I haven’t done all that much except rest. That means, lay on my side, sit in a recliner, legs elevated, walk a little, lay on my side, go to meals, sit in a recliner, sit some, read, a little work on my computer, get some sleep…

On Fridays dinner is early to usher in the Sabbath. One of the nurses knew I can play the piano and asked if I would play for everyone to sing. I did and we all had fun making a joyful noise to the Lord. But the best part was yet to come. Larissa is an elderly Russian lady in the room next to me. She came up to me after we all finished singing and made spoke in broken Hebrew. It seems she plays the violin. Would I like to play piano with her after dinner? Sure!

Another lady at my table, Fern, joined us after dinner. Larissa pulled out a Russian song book and we started working our way from the beginning to the end of the book. To my surprise, many of the songs were from hymnals, traditional Jewish folk songs, or from the Messianic worship music. All written out with cords and Russian words. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to start to play until we started playing together. And so it went. Sometimes Larissa would explain what the Russian words meant, sometimes I’d sing in Hebrew, and Fern would ask what it was in English, and so the languages drifted back and forth as we played, sang, and laughed for almost two hours.

It is amazing how much can be communicated through music, especially when we all three love the same wonderful Savior—Yeshua!

Later, on the way to our rooms, Larissa explained with signs and broken Hebrew, “this is how we get better… with music! What a healthy way to get tired!” Fern and I heartily agreed. What a wonderful evening we had singing praises to our Lord and making a joyful noise together!