Well I don’t know what kind of news is getting into the US, so I’d just like my friends and family to know that all of us in Israel deeply appreciate your prayers, especially at this time. Here in Israel there are long lines of people seeking to trade in old gas masks for new ones. Mine is up to date and I just happened to have a stock of bottled water delivered a couple weeks ago; no worries there.

It seems kind of weird, concerns about every day life, while people in Syria are dying for politico-religious reasons. No one knows who will reign in Assad. The general opinion here is that Assad is not good, but he is better than the rebels. That does not justify his use of chemical weapons though, and it does not leave Israel any less at risk.

My godson and many other soldiers are now all stationed in the North, and Israel is preparing for any and every eventuality. Hospitals are making sure that all is in order, and checking their lists twice, and not for gifts… sad_face

Yet, things are not all negative. We all continue to prepare for the High Holy days, which begin next week. Tonight I’ll be singing in a concert at my congregation. The cafés are packed and police are giving out parking tickets. Supermarkets are filled with weekend and holiday shoppers; I am still planning on going with my congregation to Mount Hermon for the New Year (Rosh Hashanah).

As it was in the days of Noah…

As we draw near to a new Jewish year (5774), I am reminded yet again what this holiday really is—the Feast of Trumpets. (For more about it, you can see my post from 2011.) As I think about this time of year, and listen to the noise of the world, and then seek the quiet of the Word, I am reminded again, that we are called to live in this world and yet not be of it—our ears attuned to the sound of the last trumpet. Until then, we are all safer wherever we are in the center of God’s will, than anywhere else outside of His will.