One of the words I was given for a writing challenge that I participated in was “Rhythm.” At first I had no idea what to say about this word, and then, for some reason, I was reminded of God’s promise to Noah after the flood, shown in the picture heading this post (if you are viewing this post on my website).

Thinking of that I remembered this photo that I took here in Israel, just before my wedding in to 2010. I was in awe of that sunset. It was like a special gift to me, and I still remember that wondrous view. And then the thought struck me, this pandemic has tried to rob all of us of the rhythms of life. Everything has been disrupted from work and recreation to our families and health.

“Everything?” I ask myself. And I realize no. There is one thing this pandemic has not been able to overcome, despite all its efforts – it cannot remove God from His throne. What other proof do I need than this photo. The sun rose and set right on time back in 2010 when there was no pandemic. Now, in 2021, with Israel braced for an ongoing lockdown and the airport closed, the sun still rises and sets – right on time.

The tides ebb and flow, the rains fall, and flowers still blossom. I pause and realize that I too am still alive!

Maybe we need to set a new rhythm for our lives that begins and ends with giving God thanks for all of His very real blessings. I don’t know about you, but I know I do take them for granted. And one of those blessings, free of charge to one and all – whether or not you recognize the signature of the artist – is nature.

The rhythms of life, under the loving care of our heavenly father remain. Maybe we’ve been looking for entertainment and rest in the wrong places. Maybe its not to be found in movie theaters, YouTube, Netflix, or an expensive holiday in the Bahamas. Maybe our rest and refreshment is really in the Joy of the Lord, who is our strength, our hope, our life, and in our Savior who has set us free from the power of sin, hell, and death. The pandemic can never rob me of these blessings. Legislation cannot stop my heart from rejoicing in the rhythm of God my Savior.

As I reconsider this simple word, rhythm, I am amazed at this simple reminder of how much I have to be thankful for. May the Lord help me to make thankfulness the rhythm behind the music of my life in this coming year.