Well, here I am. Arrived on Monday. A wonderful, tearful, laughter filled greeting with my friend Miriam and my God children Yotam, Noa, and Matan. My how they have grown. Yotam will be going into the army this fall. It can’t be possible! It seems like only yesterday he was just a baby and his mother and I were singing songs to him…

Dived right into my private work, and slowly starting to get back into the life here. The first thing I noticed was how many cars were parked on sidewalks – more than ever before. Something that totally surprised Rich when he had come to visit me before we had married. He would not have been happy to see all the cars on the sidewalk now–something that is not acceptable in the US.

The next thing I noticed? How could I miss it? Warmth! The wonderful warm air… getting warmer each day. And last night, moving into summer time for the second time this year! I’ve lost so many hours I’m not sure what time or day it is any more!

So this will just be a quick post to let you know that all is well.