Today was an amazing day of roller coaster feelings as I got up to go to Andrea’s wedding… the daughter of Rich, my step-daughter. I cannot begin to express the feelings as I watched her come down the aisle, the mix of feelings evident on her face as well. She was so beautiful, and I was so proud of her, to see her come to this day… and so sad that her Dad could not be there to see it too.

The service was over all too quickly, and suddenly she was presented as the Mrs. the wife of Joshua Heistand… and the groom gave his bride their very first kiss!

These days have been so full since I landed here in the US. I realized that the time would be very short, so each day has been packed with time visiting the kids, friends, running errands… but the highlight of my trip was today.

And so today, I rejoice with Andrea and Josh in their love and the establishment of their new family unit. And I am thankful that I have the honor and privilege to be a part of their lives.

The joy is worth the tears.