OK, I am not a big one on signs and all that stuff, but this is pretty funny…

Today at work, we are celebrating Purim. Everyone at work is supposed to come with a costume or silly dress or something. So I came in my usually bizarre make up, huge green cat earrings and funny hat. Another lady at work came as a Chinese lady – I loved her outfit – she said she thought of me when she wore it, because of my Chinese god children and all… so she was giving away fortune cookies, and here is what was written in mine:

You have won the best there is!

Someone wonderful to love and a good (male) friend you can rely upon.

You know what? I agree! smiley


RichRH — 3/1/2007/1:16 PM

Clinspirations — 3/4/2007/4:19 PM
RYC-thank you Debbie !!!! I just talked with Rich this morning, looks like he’ll be heading to see you…..

Clinspirations — 3/4/2007/4:20 PM
TW, great post……they got it right!!!!!