I don’t always use this venue for sharing our prayer requests, but I want people to share what is going on for one main reason, that the Lord be glorified when I am able to share the wonderful way He answered our prayers. I remember a song by Andre Crouch, Through it All. There are a few lines that have been running through my mind lately…

I thank God for the mountains,
and I thank Him for the valleys,
I thank Him for the storms He brought me through.
For if I’d never had a problem,
I wouldn’t know that God could solve them,

I wouldn’t know what faith in God could do.

Being “hope challenged”, so to speak means that there are problems. I have realized over and over that Jesus never promised me no problems, but that He is with me through them.

Life is always filled with surprises, some good, some not so good. And the not so good takes us by surprise. I know that many of the things that have happened have taken me by surprise. My husband’s illness, the inability to find a decent full time job, and now property taxes, need for yet another “new” car (the cheapest good condition old one we can find), dwindling savings, and the decision to try to sell my apartment in Israel.

So here are my prayer requests, and I will keep you posted with updates as they are answered:

  1. That the Lord will provide us with a good second hand van to replace the one that is on its last legs; needed to help our daughter get to work, and to hold the whole family when we drive together
  2. An agency contact me about a job possibility in our area. It is a contract job, one month minimum, but with a good reputation, and could get my foot in the door. I truly need the Lord to undertake for me, as there will be dozens of applicants
  3. For Rich to be granted disability; we are currently in the appeal process. We have been told that without a lawyer, there is no chance of his being granted disability. We are meeting with a lawyer today
  4. For Rich’s medical tests. He had a stress test, and (go figure), despite chest and jaw pain during the test, and his inability to remember my name for a short time after the test, the results came back saying he is fine! Our family doctor was not happy about this and is in contact with the cardiologist; we hope to get an update with more positive information next week
  5. For the medical bills incurred by the stress test. We went into the stress test thinking, well, it is costly, but we can make payments; we received a bill for close to $1000 higher than originally quoted to us – and that without the doctor’s bill for reading the test (badly, see #4 above)
  6. For the appeal process regarding our mortgage. We contacted the mortgage company to see if we can qualify for the recalculation of our mortgage to a more reasonable interest rate (from 10.6% to anything less), and they said we pre-qualify. We have submitted the papers, and were advised we will get an answer in 30-60 days


  1. A wonderful Lord and Savior who is not a figment of my imagination but the Creator of the Universe – who better to have as the one who has cared for us, is caring for us, and always will care for us?
  2. For a wonderful husband who loves me very much
  3. A wonderful visit with my friend Lisa – a time of refreshing and encouragement
  4. For the wonderful work of grace and growth I am seeing in my step-daughters
  5. For the ducks in our back yard
  6. For sunflowers in our neighbor’s yard (and now in a big vase in front of our fireplace)
  7. For precious friends and brothers and sisters in our Lord
  8. For pansies smiling in the chilly morning air by our door step
  9. For grumpy cats and barking dogs
  10. For food to eat, clothes to wear, and air to breathe