I remember – although I was small
but even now – I am not surprised
at what children recall.
I remember…

I – Fear

Maybe because I was frightened
small child of a fisherman –
I, small baby sardine,
surrounded by giant carp with wary eyes
and catfish faces,
the smell of dead fish, manure, disease and sweat,
and I, trembling
clutching…the huge hand of Emma.
Hush now, don’t cry
and my hand was squeezed
but not let go,
for pushing, shoving –
caught up in a web of people
cast by one man.

II – Curiosity

There He is, there He is – look!
and I looked.
but saw only a sea of shoulders
capped by foaming waves of reds, browns, blacks,
curled and flung straight down and down
in a great flow – to catch me!
Who? There is who? I can’t see…
and I pressed with the rest
but Emma would not let go
so I whimpered, made my lips tremble,
she let go to pick me up
I saw my chance and ran
through a crack between mountains of legs,
my ears deafened to her calls.
There is who?

III – Comfort

I never saw such giants of men
with voices like thunder, they the lightening.
Please sir, who is He?
Move away child.  The Master has no time for such as you!
and now my lips trembled –
what had I done that the Master did not want me.
I did not know him –
but I wanted to.

I learned that sunlight
can carry a voice more powerful than the thunder’s roar
for “who is He,” from a circle of thunder,
voiced a shaft of light
“Let the little children come to me – they are what my kingdom is made of.”
Who, me?

I did not notice the many along side
though we raced to Him as one,
rushing to embrace a tangible sunbeam,
gazing into a face
filled with the comfort of Abba and Emma
and more.
Some touched His robe, others His feet
but I ran to His breast,
smiled and sighed
looking into those wonderful eyes,
feeling His heart beat.
Even now
He does not turn me away.