It has been one of those weeks; you know the kind I mean, where you feel like you could vanish off the face of the earth and no one would notice. But it really is, after all, just a state of mind. But despite my negative attitude, God had mercy on me.

I was surprised by a call from a friend, “Hi, I’m going to the beach. Would you like to join me after work?”

And so I went to the beach for the first time this year. It’s nicer to go with a friend… As we sat together enjoying the warm waves washing over our feet, the cool breeze serving as a natural air conditioner, I pondered the nature of friendship. As my friend shared with me, I realized how poorly I really know her. After 20 years of friendship, I had no idea that she enjoyed the beach as much as I do!

And as we sat and shared, I left feeling so encouraged and grateful that I had this wonderful lady in my life.

Sometimes we long for blessings and go out looking for them, wondering where they are… but the cliché is true… usually the real blessings are right there in front of us if we will only open our eyes to them.

And so I have found yet another hope-inspiring thought, when all feels hopeless, perhaps the hope I thought I had lost is right in front of me.