So, what has been happening in the good ol US of A? I landed with my feet running. Had a great flight to the US. Was able to pay extra for a bulkhead seat. The seat reclines more, and I was allowed to have my hand luggage on the floor for the entire flight, serving as a foot rest. As a result, no swollen feet after 11 hours of flying!

Landed in early morning, and was met by my step-son Roy. We had a nice visit, he took me to his brother’s house where I picked up my car, and then had to get a new battery for my cell phone. From there, on to my friend Sue’s, and a nice evening. Slept well, began sorting through things the next day, a concert that night… fought and won the battle against jet lag.

Spent every day last week at Lloyd and Kristina’s going through everything and making the difficult decision: What comes to Israel and what gets thrown away, sold, or given away. Once I made the decision that I am getting rid of as much as possible, somehow, things went easier. I think, all those seemingly wasted hours in Israel where my mind ran in circles wondering what to keep, what to get rid of, were not wasted after all. Deep inside of me, many decisions had already been made, and I was surprised how much I was able to part with.

When I first came to Israel, it was with two suitcases, and a few boxes of books that I mailed to myself… that was it. This time, I’m returning with many more memories and items… and yet there is the full realization these things are only temporary. When I go to my true home, none of these things will go with me… And so I review everything and whittle down, and make sure these are the things I want for this side of heaven, that are worth taking with me.

My brother-in-law is working hard scanning all my photos and negatives, a wonderful blessing. The thought of shipping and storing a life-time of photos was rather overwhelming. Now they will all be accessible in digital format… I am so thankful for his willingness to help me.

Had a great time with Andrea and her boyfriend Josh. We played putt-putt golf and went out to dinner. I hadn’t played putt-putt literally since the first time I left for Israel to live. Layers of memories. She gave me a birthday present that I love… really nice socks with bumble-bees on them. And to understand why I like them so much, you have to know how much I hate socks that rub against my feet the wrong way, or footies that fall off because they don’t fit right, and you’d have to know my connection with bumble-bees… any way… she couldn’t have picked a more special gift for me.

And isn’t that like God? Giving GOOD gifts to His children. He works in our lives in so many amazing ways, giving gifts that He knows only we would appreciate. All of us are so blessed with so much. What He gives to one is not what He gives to another. He knows what each of us needs and works so uniquely in each of our lives.

Thank you Lord for the gifts you give us, in friends, family, and most of all, a citizenship in Heaven, and a home waiting for us that will never corrupt, rot or rust… all because of YOUR gift of Jesus to us and redemption and salvation that no one can take away.