Well, the word is in about the most recent position I applied for – I am over qualified and they are not interested in me.
It is really weird, ever since I have started this site, I feel like my hope has been challenged more deeply than ever before.
It is as though, by saying, this is a site to give Hope to the Hope Challenged, all stops are pulled against me to destroy that hope.
I only know one thing. Either God is in control or He is not in control. There is no half way with God. At times like this, I wonder how Peter felt when the taxes came due and he told Jesus about it. Jesus told him to go fishing….
I wrote a poem about that some time ago.

Taxes and Fish

Lord, the taxes are due.
Go fishing Peter.

How can I go and enjoy
what I was trained to do?
How can I go and bask in wind and sun
cast my hook and wait for the catch…
Lord, the taxes are due

Go fishing Peter.

I wonder how many times
the coin has been waiting
in the fish’s mouth
and I would not?

(April 5, 1994)

Perhaps for me, fishing is working on this blog and working on my professional site. I only know one thing… the same Lord who provided for Peter has and will provide for me and our family. I will not trust in agencies, the job situation, or advertisements…. my hope is in the Lord who made the heavens and the earth.
He knows.