I don’t know if ever in my life I’ve so had to, on a regular basis, focus on the reason for my hope. It is certainly not for some pie in the sky in this world, or in the world to come.

More and more I just long to see my savior and live in a fully redeemed world. I don’t which is more depressing, the political climate around me here in the US – what IS faith in Jesus becoming when parents with children in a Christian school feel they can sue when their kids are expelled for homosexual behavior.

And life… I had a nice birthday. To be truthful, it was much nicer than I hoped it would be. The kids celebrated together wtih Rich and I for Father’s Day and my BD, and it was a really nice day. Rich enjoyed himself as well.

Yesterday, I was told that I can only work 20 hours a week for a contract job that I have… a real bummer as we were finally starting to make ends meet – argh! And then I didn’t pay attention to our bank account and we got overdrawn – again… and THEN Rich was told he needs some really costly medical tests…

On the praise side, my apartment in Israel was in need of a renter… and one has been found, contract to be signed shortly, so that is one less thing to be concerned about.

Yes, God is working and moving in our lives. Seems like the frustrations are the warp and the good things are the woof of the fabric He is weaving from my life. Through it all, He is there… and I thank you Lord Jesus, that you are here with me, now and always.