Well my car is fixed but it’s getting 30 mpg which is pretty good, I think…

However, now Sprint has informed me that they are canceling ALL customer’s plans with unlimited data minutes for their modem. There is NO high speed internet service in my area… and should I find one, we are currently not in a position to do a contract…  So that means I have to turn Internet off manually whenever not in use, limit all access, and hope I don’t go over the allotted amount in order to do my work (not very likely…)

This was a phone plan that Rich always used to say, “Whatever we do, we have to keep this plan because it is the only one that we can get that will let you work from home.” And now….. Rich was the one that used to do all the research on this stuff… Came home from doing errands and found a note in the back door that read, “Rich, give me a call…” from a friend of his who didn’t know he had died. They

I know God is in control… so please just pray that the Lord shows me what to do in the meantime.

I’m going to visit friends in the Chicago area for the weekend. Looking forward to new sites and driving for a while… should be nice.