As you can imagine, I’ve been quite busy working on getting my book done in time for launch in October when I go to visit my step-kids and grandkids… It has been quite a ride. A few weeks ago, as I worked on the cover—and you got to vote on it—I was I close to a panic. The first major, sit-down-and-breathe kind of panic that I’ve felt in year. I have to admit, that scared me.

Then, somewhere mid-editing something happened. Perhaps it began when I finally narrowed down the selection of possible book covers, or when I took a deep breath, went with my gut, and chose the most fictionish looking of the covers I could. Or maybe it began when I discovered that one of the designers whom I did not select, was also a believer in Jesus, and had exactly the skills I needed for some of the interior art I wanted to do.

It certainly helped when the professional editor I hired wrote that she enjoyed my book and was looking forward to seeing it out. Her comments and critique were not quite what I expected. I’d expected nitty-gritty spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation corrections. Instead, she honed in on content—was something logical? Did I need more—or less—information? What were the rules I needed to follow in my writing? And she provided a detailed style sheet.

Yes, somewhere along the way, I stopped feeling panic. I started to rejoice. I started to feel excited about what I was working on, and I began to realize that this book is not mine—it belongs to God. This is not my story, rather HIS story, of how HE saved me.

That realization has hit me so strongly, that little glitches that would normally have me screaming like a chicken with its head cut off have barely disturbed me! Lest you think I exaggerate, how would you feel if you paid a bill for $920, which was clearly written on the check, and discovered that your account had been debited for $9,200?! I called the bank at the beginning of the week, and they promised to take care of it right away. I called again just now… as I write this it is still overdrawn… but it will work out.

My graphic artist needs more time to finish his work. Yes, it means submitting my manuscript at the last possible minute—but it’s OK. I was planning to take off tomorrow to get my editing done, but got swamped with work in the office at the last-minute.

It’s not my problem because it’s not my book—it is God’s book! And HE who does all things well, will bring this work, which HE started in me, to completion—right on time. He is the one who is helping and will help my friend. He is the one who is helping and will help me.

All that to say, that I’m certain I’m not the only one who finds their plans being thwarted, unexpected glitches mess up your plans, and the next thing, you just can’t think straight. Maybe we all need to rest in HIS good hands and remind ourselves, over and over, “I’m not my own, I was bought with a price. Me and all my problems are no longer mine, they are HIS. I will trust You Lord.”

Hey, I’m the first one to admit, I’ll read this admonition in a few weeks time and think, whoa, I wrote that? Listen to your own advice woman!

But that is the purpose of this blog, and my book, to encourage us all to keep on keeping on. Have a blessed day, and give may you find hidden joy in the glitches of life as you rest in our wonderful Lord and Savior.