Actually, for those of you who actually view this log to keep up with what is happening with me… life is rather hectic right now. I’ve been quite busy at work, really long hours, and in the process of ending my responsibilities with STC Israel. We are planning a conference, but sadly, people just are not moving very fast and because of the Jewish holidays coming up, only six weeks or so to finalize our speakers, airplane tickets, prices, sponsors and all those things you never think of, like name tags, etc.

It’s all rather frustrating since there are other things I’d rather think about (duh!). Tomorrow at work we are having a costume day for Purim (although Purim is actually Sunday and Monday)… so I will wear a silly hat with cat earrings… no prize for me.. I’ll leave that to people with time to spare… (prize for best costume that is). I’d come as myself but no one would recognize me!  Smiley

Having a music practice tomorrow with some girls in my congregation. Our building has been renovated. We’ve been able to add quite a few seats. The amazing thing is, more room? We are still packed for Saturday services! But the new acoustics are wonderful. I have so much fun practicing with the other girls… haven’t done music with others in ages  — I’ve missed it!

Spring is springing up… flowers blooming everywhere… this is the nicest time of year in Israel. As far as what is going on in the paper… you can read the news on websites as well as I can… just please pray for this land, and pray for me that I will be faithful as I wind up various commitments here and prepare for new commitments elsewhere.

All for now… have a good rest of the week!